Though she may move from genre to genre, Susan’s style and industry remain constant. 
Her many interests, as well as willingness to challenge herself by exploring a variety of subject matter and techniques, help her produce artwork that is fresh and alive. Even when "the going isn't easy," the viewer may never know

Susan's PASSION, her clients' TREASURE!

The "Current Work" displayed here is the last series that the artist created before taking her (ongoing) break from fine arts... The "Recent Work" (below it) was informative and inspirational to that (last) series.

Current Work

Round Pond Kensington Palace Gardens Swans Egyptian Geese Queen Vicotria

Celebrating the Round Pond, Kensington Gardens, 20 x (5 x 7 in), mixed media on paper. More to follow...


Recent Work

Round Pond Kensington Palace Gardens Swans Watercolour Feathers

Kensinton Gardens Round Pond Series, Part 2  (Please click on the link for more information)