Animal Magic 1: 09, Elephant-Babe

Babe hangs at the back of the group and learns from elders (Bella and Eli). Children have a naiveté and innocence most adults have lost. They speak without thinking—say what they mean, and what they want to, no worries about who may be offended. Things are as they are, not as grown-ups, sometimes, would like us to perceive (and believe). Babe is aware of the differences between the sexes and how age effects behavior (and entitlements). Petty squabbles don't interest her. She prefers to keep the atmosphere light and stay busy with play. Fortunately, she has a playmate when she needs company and/or to bounce ideas. Tell-tail is on her tail—funny as it might sound! Painting Babe took patience and time. Sometimes, the simplest looking pieces can be more difficult to develop than might be thought. I realized that one dot out of place, or too many, could effect the desired outcome.