24 x 24 in, oil on birch, 2008

Tell-Tail  is more jaded than Babe. He's done and seen more than her, and shares opinions and gossip that sometimes show attitude and bias. Is he a good influence on her? That's an interesting question! Tell-Tail knows what he knows and thinks what he thinks, and is never afraid to stir the pot by calling other creatures on their behaviors. Though he has no official role as "policeman," Tell-Tail sure acts like one. The problem is that when you're busy commenting about others' actions, your own have to be exemplary! Tell-Tail doesn't often show his face—will transmit his information via other people. He seems to have become the trouble-maker behind the scenes and is a bit of a coward... My challenges painting Tell-Tail were quite similar to those painting Babe. Patience and time mattered, texture as well. These final two pieces weren't as flat, smooth or precise as others in the series.