Art as Therapy: Blue Ice, 24 x 48 in, oil on birch, 2010

For Blue Ice, I’m thinking of winter—painting in early fall.  Don’t want winter. Don’t like it. Trying to find beauty in winter. Skating on thin ice, blue ice (not black). Mood changes, feelings are clear and strong—wrong. The closing of a year. Heavy care. The on-going desire for something better. A new chapter. The one that transforms landscapes and climate. Seeking warmth, an environment for growth. Pink tinges: happy little buds of hope. The frozen North. How did I get here (to Canada)? Why did I stay? Winter! Little mystery ahead. A time when folk are all bundled up, pretending they think this season is fun. Putting on brave face. Pondering change of place. Thin ice = blue mood. Short days ahead. Long nights of black. Important not to slip and slide, see the magnificence of nature, not dwell on (wo)man-made obstacles and upsets.