6 x (5 x 7 in), mixed media (ink, watercolor, gouache, crayon) on paper, 2014

Kensington Chicks

5. Waiting and Watching: Learn from Egyptian Geese, Gerald and Gabriella. They are a great team, always looking out for each other and their little ones.

6. A Mother Goose: See the nurturing ways of a Mother  Goose. Mandy, with feathers fluffed, keeps her newborns warm, even on the coldest of days.

7. Camouflaged: 
Look carefully: an Egyptian gosling who is well-camouflaged can stay safe. Well done little Georgie! You would be hard to find in the long grass…

8. Parenting: Know that little ones are safe if they;take swimming lessons early and stay close to adults who care. Egyptian geese parents, Jenny and Jack, lead the way.

9. Listening and Learning: Listening to those who know better never hurts. All lined up, these Egyption goslings get ready to hear what Mum, Juliette, has to say, Dad, Jim, on look-out.

10. Look-Out: Checking who is around is important. When little ones are new to the world, best to make sure that those who come close are friendly.