10 x (5 x 7 in), mixed media (ink, watercolor, gouache, crayon) on paper, 2014


11. Wakey Wakey!: Waking up is easier for some than others. “Morning people” get moving right away. Others prefer to stay in bed like swans with heads still tucked in.

12. Younger and Older: Hanging out with adults is a good idea. This cygnet, Chris, realizes he has a lot to learn and is happy for the extra attention they are giving him.

13. Light and Time: Observing how swans like Stephanie and Salam look from day to day depends on light and time. As the sun rises, water and feathers glow and appear magical.

14. Love and Heart: Finding love—and heart—is special. Swans don’t break up. They partner for life . Watch Sandra and Sid coming together in the pink light of dusk  Romantic!

15. The Perfect Loo: Eating is essential, but what goes in most come out. Pond side swans seem to have found the perfect loo  Watch where you walk!

16. Full Sail: Swimming full sail, Samantha the cygnet looks very relaxed. Maybe her confidence comes from being alongside Dad, Stephen ,who seems to know where they are going.

17. Independence: Taking alone time and establishing independence builds confidence, as this Cygnet shows. Look at the sunlight haloing him.

18. Sticking her Neck Out: Sticking your neck out is sometimes necessary. If this swan doesn’t grab the bread, podgy pigeons, Paul and Petal, will.

19. Senior Savvy: Notice a senior ready to dive in. At any age and stage, with big feet or little ones, staying active matters.

20. Solo: Think heart and hope! Even on a very dark day, light falls on solo swan, Seth. He knows the importance of staying positive.