20 x 20 in, oil on canvas, 2003

PANSIES, A Special Mention

Pretty, peaceful, and positive
Always Enchanting
New ideas in bloom
Season by season
Idyllic as daffodils
Eternal as roses
Sprinkled on salads—delicious

Pansies seem to be many people's favorite, and an early "trademark" of mine. Little did I know that how I first chose to paint them would become an identifiable style in later work, whatever the subject matter or media:

Background: No. It would only detract from what really matters, the flowers themselves. An all-over pattern.

Color: the colors of the flowers, themselves: bold, bright, and contrasting.

Paint: Not too much, nor too little—as much as feels right.

Size: Magnification from life—more impactful and engaging.