60 x 40 in, oil on canvas, 2008


Passion demonstrates a divergence from my regular process. Paintings don't usually pop up for me in the way this one did. They have more belabored conception, incubation, and birthing processes. It was refreshing to work spontaneously, just going with whatever emerged, however rapidly.

Passion, unfortunately, has to be held in check too often. Art-making can provide a release for it (of sorts), if we are lucky. This image emerged on its own, and at a time when I was particularly sensitive to the subject matter depicted. Inevitably, refinements to this painting took me on a personal odyssey. On closer inspection, many viewers might identify with aspects of it, even if not consciously. Certain details don't need to be discussed, interpreted, questioned, or dissected. They just are. The colors, shapes, dimensions, and juxtapositions included, emerged as they were supposed to. I just went with what came out—little need for embellishment or denial. Some viewers will see the completed picture a I do. Others might see something else.